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          1. 鶴山市忠民家具有限公司歡迎您!

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            忠民家具有限公司潛心研發,擁有獨立設計團隊,所有產品均有設計證書,并通過BIFMA美國標準測試以及EN1335歐洲標準測試,工廠通過ISO9001認證,現有大型注塑機4臺,自行設計以及生產塑料配件,廠內有齊全的產品強度測試機器,確保產品配件符合標準才投入生產,生產過程中QC對質量再進行全程把關 ,確保大貨質量。歡迎各界來電咨詢,真誠期待與您合作。

            ZONMAN FURNITURE LIMITED focus on chairs research and development, has the independent design team, all products have design patent certificate, and pass the BIFMA and EN1335 test, the factory passed the ISO9001 certification, Now we have 4 units of large injection machines to produce the plastic parts of the chairs, factory has complete product strength testing machine, to ensure the quality of all the components , During production double check the quality of the products to ensure everything is ok.Welcome to contact us and sincerely look forward to cooperating with you.

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